Knowing the Cost of Scaffolding

When building new structures, conducting repairs or maintenance projects on existing establishments, which require the use of scaffolding, you can either opt to acquire scaffolding for sale or scaffolding for rent. Among the various factors considered when shopping for scaffolding products and services, cost is one of the key points of interest to many. It is always important that you know how much it costs to buy or rent a scaffold before making the move. Knowing the cost of scaffolding will help you in planning for the project to avoid inconvenience.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Scaffold

There are various factors that can influence the cost of obtaining and erecting scaffolding on your work site. The following are the key factors behind the cost of scaffolds;

Materials used in the design and construction of scaffolds

Most scaffolding components are made from steel and aluminum but, some are also wooden or bamboo. Generally, metallic materials are durable and this makes the costs of such scaffolding components to go higher than those made of wood or bamboo. However, it should be noted that although steel and aluminum scaffolding may seem expensive, they have greater benefits in the long term since they require less maintenance and can also last longer. Wooden scaffolds on the other hand, are weak and require frequent replacements that can cost you a lot in the long run.

New vs Used Scaffolds

Whether you need scaffolding for sale or scaffolding for hire, used scaffolds are usually cheaper than used ones. In fact, used scaffolds is an ideal option if you are operating on a limited budget. Besides, used scaffolds are also recommended for less intensive and short term projects on low heights. For heavy duty construction works involving greater heights, it is always advisable to go for new scaffolds for safety and efficiency. You can still find new scaffolds offered at fair prices to easily suit your budget, therefore, do not assume that new ones are too expensive and could have dire financial impacts on your project.

The type of Scaffold System

The cost of scaffold systems also vary from one type to another. And, the type of a scaffold system is determined by its features; basic components and accessories. For example, tower scaffolding, which are erected by attaching them to the columns of tall buildings usually require more enhanced support. This means that the structure is built with lots of fabricated steel components, and also expertise that impacts higher costs. Although it is important to acquire a scaffold that you can afford, choosing the best type is key to the safety of workers and also how the job will be done.

Duration of the project

Scaffolds can be used in numerous construction applications including, maintenance and repairs. If you are having a project that is scheduled to last for a short time, it would be more cost-effective to acquire scaffolds for rent instead of scaffolding for sale. However, project managers have a responsibility to ensure that projects are run as required to avoid incurring higher scaffolding rental fees. In case you have the money for buying a scaffold for short term projects, no one should hinder you from pursuing the option. Although purchasing scaffolds could seem expensive, it is cost effective in the long run considering that you will not have to pay rental fees for using the structures.

Loading Capacity of the Scaffold

Most construction works are generally strenuous but, this does not mean that you can use just any type of scaffold on your site. There are scaffolds that are designed and built for heavy duty and high rise operations. Besides, some are also customized to low rise buildings and lighter duties. Scaffolds with high load bearing capacities are usually costly because they can facilitate accessibility to greater heights and also accommodate a numbers of workers. In order to avoid accidents and losses when using scaffolds, you should know the expected load capacity in your operations and choose an appropriate structure that can support it.

Size of the project

Larger projects require the use of numerous scaffolding components to effectively provide a safer and adequate work space. Besides, such projects also involve lots of activities, which need hiring professional scaffolding erection services.  As a result of this, the cost of scaffolds for larger projects is usually higher than small ones. In fact, small projects involve few scaffolding basic elements and accessories that you can sometimes even set up on your own without necessarily hiring an expert. In case you are a contractor, it would be much cheaper to buy your own scaffolds than rent since you will need the structures quite often.

However, your project manager or a professional civil engineer can offer advice on the economical use of scaffolds for large projects to ensure that you do not suffer financial damage.

The information given above can be very helpful when choosing the best scaffolding for your budget. But, it is also important to consult with scaffolding experts before buying or renting scaffolds. In case you have a manager in charge of the project, try to find out more from him or her about the cost of scaffolds, and how to select the best for the job. Do not be too focused on finding a cheaper solution that you forget to check the efficiency and safety of various types of scaffolds.

How to Find an Affordable Scaffold

It is always the desire of every worker, builder or contractor to acquire scaffolds at pocket friendly rates suited to budgets. But, many could still be challenged even after reading the information given above. The best way to finding an affordable scaffold is through a licensed scaffolding company. Through a dependable company, you will be able to get professional guidance on how to find highly efficient scaffolds for your budget.

Among the various providers of scaffolding products and services, Singapore Scaffolding is one that has earned the trust of many in the construction industry. This is mainly because of our ability to deliver the best quality and affordable scaffolding products and services in Singapore. We can always help you find the best scaffold for your job and budget without a hassle.

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