Scaffold Clamps/Couplers

Scaffold clamps/ couplers are basic scaffolding elements mainly used in connecting the frames for setting up the structure. Couplers work by creating a straight line or angle to ensure that the other components of the scaffold are safely held in place for structural stability. Generally, these products come in standard 90-degree angles with centrally positioned swivels to give additional support to the scaffold.

However, there are varieties of clamps or couplers to choose from when building scaffolds. And, that is why our product portfolio comprises a selection of couplers for use in various kinds of scaffolding. Just like other scaffolding products that we offer, our clamps and couplers are designed to high standards of efficiency, reliability and durability. Our commitment is to deliver the best quality, customized and affordable couplers for every scaffolding need.

Types of Scaffold Clamps/ Couplers

There are several kinds of scaffold clamps/ couplers that you can acquire for scaffold erection or conducting repairs to an existing one. The following are the main types of scaffold clamps or couplers that you can get from us;

Clamps and Couplers Singapore Scaffolding


Right Angle Couplers

Also called double couplers or 90-degree couplers, right angle couplers are used in connecting pipes at right angles. In construction terms, right angle couplers join transoms to the standards. These types of couplers can be obtained in various dimensions including, 48 x 48, 43 x 43, 43 x 48, 48 x 60 among others, depending on your specifications.

Swivel Couplers

These come in handy when creating custom angles, which means they can connect two tubes at just any angle that you wish. With proper positioning of the scaffold pipes, swivel couplers can be used in tightening the position where the two tubes join. However, their main application is in diagonal bracing, whereby cross braces are placed between vertically aligned pipes.

Putlog Couplers

Known as single couplers by some, putlog couplers are mainly applied in connecting transoms to ledgers to enhance support for the scaffolding boards/ planks. These types of couplers are generally considered suitable for scaffolds that are used in light-duty activities since they cannot hold so much weight.

Among the three main types of couplers discussed above, it should be noted that only double couplers and swivel couplers are ideal for ‘load-bearing connections.’ Sleeve couplers or joint pins are used in developing end to end connections, linking two scaffolding tubes.




Sleeve Couplers

These are mainly designed for externally joining two scaffold pipes on both ends. However, there is a centrally located steel divider to ensure that each tube is equally inserted into another. They are important in areas where tension joints are required, therefore, can be effective for long bracing and ledger pipes.

Joint Pins

The joint pins that we offer are manufactured with high quality materials to deliver better grip against the internal walls of the scaffolding pipes. Although they are not recommended for use in areas with possible tubular tensions, joint pins should be installed in compression joints.

Features of the Best Scaffold Clamps/Couplers

Considering the important role that is played by couplers in the construction of scaffolds, it is always advisable that you know how to get the best. Knowing the main features of couplers or clamps will enable you to tell whether the ones that you have chosen can meet your needs. The following are some of the main features of the scaffold clamps/ couplers that we supply.

Durable and sturdy construction

All our products including, couplers are designed from tough materials for better support and longer lifespan. Most of our couplers are made from steel, which is one of the toughest metals in the world. Besides, they are also galvanized for protection against corrosion and rust even in tough atmospheric conditions.

Mark of Quality

With the variety of scaffolding products in the market today, determining the best quality can sometimes be challenging. But, the ones that we supply are sourced from leading manufacturers and come with proper certifications for easy identification. The certification is basically a document showing the specifications of every scaffold coupler including, brand, date of manufacturing and user manual among others.

Flexible options

Instead of moving through a series of online pages or visiting various construction product suppliers for different kinds of couplers, simply visit Singapore Scaffolding. We offer various sizes and designs of scaffold clamps and couplers that you can choose from for constructing the structure. It is only from us that you can always get all the types of clamps and couplers that you need at once.

Low priced couplers

When shopping for scaffold clamps/ couplers, cost is also another important factor to consider. We understand that budgets usually vary from one project to another, which means you need a price that can match your financial limits. Our company offers the best quality scaffold couplers at the lowest price for every budget. This means you no longer have to spend more on scaffolding basic elements, accessories and services.

We stock a wide range of scaffold couplers that are readily available for sale or rent at any time that you may need the components. We are always committed to delivering the most appropriate scaffold solutions at the convenience of every customer. With us, you can simply order for any kind of scaffold coupler and get it delivered within the shortest time so your project is not compromised.

Our company goes further than just offering scaffolding for sale and rent. We also have a team of trained engineers to assist all our clients throughout the procedures of choosing couplers, purchasing, erecting and also using them. Our support team is well distributed across Singapore for convenience whenever you need couplers or other scaffolding components.

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