Jack Base

Jack Base is one of the most important scaffolding accessories for maintaining the stability of the structure. It works by providing an adjustment to the height of the scaffolding, thereby ensuring a solid foundation for the entire structure. A jack base is an essential accessory that is required in every scaffold erection procedure, considering that almost all work sites usually have uneven ground levels.


By obtaining the high quality jack bases that we offer at Singapore Scaffolding, you will be able to offer a safe and level working platform for conducting various kinds of tasks. Our company specializes in a wide range of the best jack bases that you can choose from when setting up new structures or making adjustments to your scaffolds including, socket jack bases, universal jack bases and adjustable jack bases. With us, you are guaranteed superior quality, reliability and affordability.

How a Jack Base Works

Just like the common jacks used in lifting cars and loads, jack bases also operate as surfaces onto which scaffolding components and parts are placed. The jack base is placed at the bottom of the structure to keep it stable. It is threaded to enable workers adjust the height of the structure at their own convenience. The threading allows for the scaffold to be raised or lowered while also keeping it leveled.

Features of a Jack Base

The stability of scaffolding is important for ensuring the safety of the structure and its ability to sustain the expected workload. As a result of this, you need highly efficient and strong jack bases when setting up new structures or customizing existing ones for specific tasks. And, that is exactly what you can get from us.

Our jack bases are available in a wide range of dimensions to select from. To support various kinds of workloads, the jack bases come in different external diameter options. Besides, you can also choose the products based on the sizes of their bases. We have various sizes that can effectively work in different structures and sites.

Considering the integral role of jack bases in bearing the weight of the structure and workers, they are also designed to handle varying weight combinations. We have jack bases that can accommodate loads of up to 6 tons. However, you can also order jack bases that are custom-designed to accommodate specific load capacities.

The jack bases that we supply are made from highly durable scaffolding materials with a focus on greater performance and efficiency. They are manufactured using heavy duty steel, providing the much needed strength to hold scaffolds in place when working. These jack bases are also accorded proper surface treatments for prolonged lifespan.

For reliability when setting up or dismantling the jack bases, they also have modular scaffold design. You can also choose between jack bases with electro-plating jack, hot dip galvanization or other kinds of surface finishing. Besides, these products are also undergoing numerous innovative procedures to include even greater features and qualities.

At the bottom of the jack base, there are also holes that can be used with nails or other fasteners to keep it held onto the ground. When used appropriately, there is no doubt you will have a very stable structure that will not keep moving or shaking when in use.

Why you should Get Jack Bases from Singapore Scaffolding

Today, there are various places where people can acquire jack bases for sale or hire, however, most of these have been compromised in most occasions. The best way to avoid risks is relying on Singapore Scaffolding. We are licensed to offer scaffolding products and services in Singapore, and this is a guarantee that we can meet all your scaffolding needs with unrivaled convenience.

The following are more reasons to always acquire jack bases and other scaffolding accessories from our company;

Superior Quality

We believe in the best quality products that guarantee efficiency, reliability and safety in scaffolding. All our products are sourced from leading brands that you can trust for the best results in every task. And, we always inspect every product to ensure that it is designed to the highest standards. The sturdy construction of these jack bases makes them highly effective and also durable enough to save you from the elevated costs of frequent scaffolding repairs and maintenance.

Versatile Jack Bases

It is always the desire of every builder or construction worker to acquire a tool that can serve several purposes. And, that is something you can achieve with our jack bases. Depending on the condition of your work site or type of scaffolding that you want to set up, we have various designs of jack bases to choose from. These jack bases can be used on all grounds with a guarantee of stable and leveled structures. Due to the threading of the jack bases, they can also be used for constructing low and high rise structures, which is not only convenient but could give you an easier time when switching work stations.

Lower prices

Getting a high quality scaffolding product at a lower price is not usually easy but, with us, it is a guarantee. We take pride in offering the best quality jack bases and other scaffolding products at the lowest prices in the market. Our goal is to erase the long held myth that scaffolding is expensive. Depending on your budget, we can always help you acquire just the right jack bases for the required scaffolding job.

Dependable Customer Support

Considering the variety in jack bases, choosing the best one for your scaffold can sometimes seem challenging. And, that is why we have a trained Customer Support team to offer professional guidance to all customers’ needs pertaining to our scaffolding products and services. We are the only partner that is always within reach and can respond to your scaffolding needs within the shortest time.

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