Aluminum Scaffolding


Aluminum is the second most common material used in scaffolding after steel, and this is mainly because of its light weight and strong resistance to corrosion. Aluminum scaffold is a temporary metal structure used to provide a platform for workers when conducting repairs, maintenance and other construction works on buildings and other structures. Aluminum scaffolds can also be used during the erection of new structures to ensure that workers and builders have a safe platform for easy movements with their tools and materials.

There are various kinds of prefabricated components of aluminum scaffolding including, Aluminum outriggers, stairs, ladders, end frames, braces, base jacks, casters, hatch decks among others. These components work in different sections of the scaffold to enhance its stability so workers are not worried about their safety while on the structure. Aluminum scaffolding can either be mobile or stationary, however, mobile aluminum scaffolds are the most popular.

Qualities of Aluminum Scaffolding

There are many reasons why aluminum scaffolding has been able to gain significant popularity in most building and construction applications over the years. And, the best way to knowing these reasons is looking at the various features of this scaffolding material. The following are some of the key qualities of aluminum that make it an ideal scaffolding material;

Easy to handle

Aluminum is usually very light in weight compared to steel and other scaffolding materials. As a result of this, transporting aluminum scaffolding components is easy and fast when switching work stations. This could be beneficial, especially when you are working on limited time. Even when setting up the scaffold, the components can be easily lifted by humans without the need for machines like, cranes. Aluminum scaffolding can also be easily assembled and dismantled. This helps in saving time, and work efficiency.

Strong and compact

Aluminum scaffolding has gained its popularity from the ability to withstand heavy workloads for a longer period of time without failing. This material is also considered to be very stable, which is important in ensuring the safety of workers while on the platform. Despite the compact design of aluminum, it can still be set up according to the requirements of the workers. The sturdy construction of aluminum scaffolding makes it ideal for a wide range of construction projects.

Resistant to Corrosion

Another reason to always choose aluminum scaffolding is because, it is not affected by rust or corrosion. Aluminum is constructed from strong alloys with effective surface finishes. However, the surface treatments vary from one aluminum scaffolding component to another. With effective finishes, your scaffolds will remain in good shape for a longer time.

Cost Effective

Obtaining an aluminum scaffolding for sale or rent is also another great way of saving up on the cost of your projects. Due to its easy handling, you will not spend more on the cost of scaffolding erection since it can even be done by workers themselves. Besides, the rugged construction of aluminum also enables it to last longer, thereby eliminating costs of regular scaffolding maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, some aluminum scaffolding components can also be re-used in other construction operations. For example, aluminum frames can be cut in various sizes for other uses, thereby saving you the high costs of building materials.

Applications of Aluminum Scaffolding

Aluminum scaffolding can be used in several applications to ensure convenience and safety of workers while on raised platforms. The following are some of the main uses of aluminum scaffolding;

  • Stabilization of structures to keep them in vertical position so workers are able to easily access various sections of tall buildings.
  • Owing to the great strength of aluminum scaffolds, they can serve as platforms or stair cases to other raised areas like, flat roofing.
  • Aluminum scaffolding can also be effective as a suspended platform used in maintaining bridges, stages and marquees.
  • Apart from construction and repairs of buildings, the scaffolding can also be used for external maintenance procedures like, cleaning of walls and ceilings, painting among others.

Although aluminum is generally considered light weight, it can support both heavy duty and less intensive construction and maintenance procedures indoors and outdoors. The uses of aluminum scaffolding components can also extend to other areas outside building and construction. On completion of your project, some components like, aluminum ladders, frames and braces could be customized for other purposes.

How to Find the Best Aluminum Scaffolding for Sale or Hire

Depending on your scaffolding needs and budget, there are various kinds of aluminum scaffolding for rent or sale. However, it should be noted that not all of these can meet your specific demands. Therefore, it is also important that you know how to choose the best aluminum scaffolding that can suit your project and budget.

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