Supported Scaffold

Supported scaffolds are among the most common types of scaffolding used in the construction industry today. A supported scaffold is made up of one or multiple platforms supported by galvanized pipes, poles, frames and other rigid materials. This enables them to offer safe platforms for working on heights, which could also add to the efficiency of work for your project. There are quite a number of areas where supported scaffolds can be used.

However, these structures are mainly recommended for work sites where accessibility to lower heights is challenging. As a result, they are often used in low-rise construction operations. A supported scaffold can also be ideal for performing basic repair works around the home like, painting, fresher board replacements, and ceiling among others.

Advantages of Supported Scaffolds

Today, supported scaffolds are one of the most popular form of scaffolds used in many domestic, commercial and industrial work sites. This is attributed to the numerous benefits that come with using them. The following are some of the main advantages of supported scaffolds;


One of the main reasons supported scaffolds are popular is, they are readily available and also cost-effective in terms of operations. Fabricating components of a supported scaffold is usually very easy, and this makes them cheaper to buy or even hire. Besides, these structures also have simple designs, which ensures ease of use in a wide range of projects.

Supported scaffolding do not have movable components instead, rely on rigid supports to maintain proper stability under varying workloads. As a result of this, there is almost no maintenance costs incurred when using the scaffold. However, regular checks are recommended to ensure that the structure is in the best condition.

Safe and flexible

Most supported scaffold designs are equipped with safety frames to protect workers from falls and other common accidents when using the structure. Besides, there are several other safety features that are also included in supported scaffolds to eliminate worries about accidents. When workers know they are safe, there are higher chances productivity will be improved.

As hinted above, supported scaffolds can serve quite a number of purposes in the construction industry. Provided you need a platform for working on low-rise structures, a supported scaffold is always an ideal option to go for. This form of scaffolding is quite versatile such that it can even be used in other areas outside construction like, cleaning of ceilings and other similar architectural features.

It should also be noted that although supported scaffolds are mainly ideal for working on low-level structures, they are adjustable. They can be used at any height between one to three meters based on the convenient level for the worker. On the other hand, the scaffold can also be easily moved from one work site to another without being dismantled. This saves so much time, hence, more enhanced efficiency.


A supported scaffold that is designed and built to the best standards can last many years without frequent replacement or repairs. The components used in constructing supported scaffolding are usually made from steel, aluminum and other sturdy elements that have the ability to withstand heavy loads and support numerous construction activities. Besides, they are also accorded innovative surface finishes to shield them from rust and other effects of temperature and weather changes. When used appropriately, supported scaffold can serve your construction needs for a very long period of time.

Guidelines for Using a Supported Scaffold

Considering that scaffolds are used in areas that are raised above the ground, scaffolding safety is always given precedence. The following are some key safety precautions that you should take into consideration when using a supported scaffold on your site;

  • Always ensure that the scaffold is set up on a leveled ground
  • All the supports holding the platforms must be carefully inspected before any work begins to ensure that none is loosely hanging or weak.
  • The platforms must also be checked for any damage like bends to make sure that they are safe to withstand the kind of work to be conducted

It is a normal procedure that scaffolds should always be inspected by an expert or engineer before the work begins. The best way to ensuring that your scaffold is stable and safe is hiring professional scaffolding erection services. This will ensure that the structure is set up by experts, who will also handle the regular inspections.

How to Find the Best Supported Scaffold

There are varieties of supported scaffolds in the market for sale and hire to choose from. Generally, the scaffolds have similar designs but, a few variations in their capacities, sizes among others. Besides, there are also custom designed supported scaffolds for specific tasks and structures. Whether you need a supported scaffold for sale or scaffolding for rent, it is still important that you know how to find the most suitable one for your project.

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