Scaffold Catwalk

Scaffold catwalk is also another basic scaffolding component, which connects to the main frame of the structure. Designed in the form of a board or panel, scaffold catwalk is laid across the structure to give workers a platform to move on when conducting their operations. As a result of this, it’s one of the components that hold the key to the safety of workers as well as efficiency of their activities.


Singapore Scaffolding offers a variety of high quality scaffold catwalks at affordable rates for every budget. In fact, it is only from us that you can be sure of customized scaffold catwalks tailored to various types of scaffolding. And, we go the extra mile to also offer professional guidance to all customers when shopping for catwalks so you are able to find the perfect match for your structure.

Qualities of our Scaffold Catwalk

Similar to other scaffolding basic elements, scaffold catwalks also come in different varieties that you must be aware when choosing. Remember, even a simple mistake in selecting catwalks for scaffolding could impact great risks. Our company specializes in scaffold catwalks that are designed to the best standards for erecting stable, safe and long lasting scaffolding. Some of the key features of our scaffold catwalk include the following;

Sturdy construction

Working above ground can come with various risks, which requires that you always need a platform that is strong enough to withstand varying work loads and pressure when in use. Our scaffold catwalks are designed for greater performance under intense pressure and in all weather conditions. The catwalks are made of steel and aluminum for durability and better sustainability. The surfaces of the catwalks are also galvanized for a longer lifespan.

The catwalks are also rust and corrosion proof. With this kind of construction, workers will be able to access various workstations, conduct monitoring and other operations above ground in safety. Despite the sturdy design of these scaffold catwalks, they are very light in weight and can be moved from one point to another quite easily.

Customized scaffold catwalks

We understand the diverse needs of construction workers and builders when it comes to scaffold catwalks. And, just as you need it, all our scaffolding products are enhanced with numerous customization for safety and easy movements of workers. The surfaces of the catwalks have stamping holes to avoid skids. All the products have diverse fall prevention features that you can choose from.

Our scaffold catwalks are easy to assemble and dissemble for an easier time when erecting the structure and also after the work is done. They are also designed with hooks on both ends for easy hooking onto the main scaffold frame. We can also integrate catwalks into existing structures, which is important when conducting repairs or maintenance on your scaffolding.

Another benefit of our scaffold catwalks is that they can be used for both low,medium and high rise scaffolding. Considering the versatility of our catwalks, they can be used in just any type of scaffolding. This means you do not have to acquire new catwalks each time that you are working on a different structure.

Compliant with all safety standards

Although many usually fail to look into this aspect when buying and renting scaffold catwalks, it is always very important. All the various models and designs of catwalks that we offer are tested and proven suitable for scaffolding, hence, a guarantee of safe working condition for all. Besides, every piece that you acquire from us comes attached with all the information regarding the manufacturer, model and other features.

Readily available

We know that missing even one scaffold catwalk can withhold your work for a very long time. Therefore, we are always fully stocked with diverse scaffold catwalks that you can acquire at any time of need. And, you do not have to bear the stress of driving or walking up to our stores. By simply placing an order to us online, we will be able to deliver any quantity of catwalks within just a short time.

We are available 24/7 with a team of well-established support team across Singapore to respond to all your requests with unrivaled convenience. Regardless of the type or design of scaffold catwalk that you need, we can always deliver at your own convenience.

Where to Buy the Best Quality Scaffold Catwalk

With the variety of scaffolding products that continue to flood the market, finding the best quality can be a little tricky, especially when you have never bought scaffold catwalks. But, you should not worry about a thing because, at Singapore Scaffolding, we have the ultimate scaffolding solutions.

We offer a collection of common as well as custom scaffold catwalks that you can always choose from based on your needs and budget. We stock brands from leading manufacturers, which are highly compatible with most scaffolding basic elements and accessories. Although most scaffolding components come in standard designs, you can also find customized catwalks for specific tasks.

To make it much easier for you when shopping for scaffold catwalks, our company has a well-trained team of engineers with many years’ experience with scaffolding to assist customers. After discussing with us the kind of catwalk that you need, we will take you through all the varieties that we offer and suggest the best for your structure.

And, we can offer you professional guidance on erecting the catwalks and using them. In fact, our company also provides the best scaffolding erection services that you can hire whenever you need to use the structure. This will not only save you time but also effort with a guarantee of a safe working platform.

Sometimes, you may not be ready to buy a new scaffold catwalk but urgently need one. We also offer catwalks for rent, which are recommended for those who may not want to purchase the products. Besides, our company also supplies used scaffold catwalks that are properly maintained and can last a long time if used properly. Obtaining used catwalks could be a great way to save more money while also enhancing work efficiency.

Simply get in touch with us for a free quote for high quality, versatile and affordable scaffold catwalk.

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