What is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding basically refers to temporary structures that are raised from the ground and, used in building and construction sites, mainly to offer workers a platform for standing and moving around as they conduct various kinds of activities. Scaffolds are towers that enable workers and builders to access areas that cannot be reached by human height. The structures can be used in diverse heights depending on the needs of the users.

Scaffolding is made up of various basic elements and accessories including, scaffold galvanized pipes, frames, couplers/ clamps, planks/ boards, cross braces, catwalks, jack bases, base plates, U-Head jacks among others. All these products are used together when assembling scaffolds but, their applications vary based on the type of scaffold to be set up, structure to be worked on and also the intended job.

Today, there are various kinds of scaffolding products and services offered in the market for individual workers and also construction companies. However, you need to understand the diverse provisions with regards to the available types, designs and other scaffolding aspects.

What is Scaffolding - Singapore Scaffolding

What is Scaffolding – Singapore Scaffolding

Selecting Scaffolding Products and Services

There are some key factors that you should always consider when selecting scaffolding for sale or rent. The following are some of the most important things to take note of when choosing scaffolding;

Types of Scaffolding

The basis of scaffolding erection is to ensure that workers have a stable and safe platform to navigate their work stations with tools and materials. Although the structures that are commonly used in doing repairs, maintenance works or new constructions are usually similar, there are different types of scaffolding. The kind of scaffolding to be erected on a work site often depends on the structure of to be worked on and also the activities that will be involved in the project or intensity of work.

There are various kinds of scaffolding including;

Although the components used in setting up these and other kinds of scaffolding have numerous similarities, there are variations in sizes, construction and applications. Besides, each of type of scaffold has specifications on how they should be set up. As a result of this, it is always very important that you know the most suitable scaffolding for your project.

Scaffolding Materials

Working on raised ground usually comes with the fear of accidents, which requires that you always select scaffolding materials that are strong and highly efficient for stability and safety. Most scaffolding are fabricated from steel and aluminum; which can sustain intense pressure and workloads. Besides, there are also other elements that are made from wood or bamboo like, scaffold boards/ planks.

Steel fabricated scaffolding is becoming very popular today mainly because they have higher tensile strength and also cost effective. Even aluminum scaffolding is gaining a clear cut in the scaffolding industry. It is also important to check the materials used in the finishes of various scaffolding components. Most of them are treated to zinc plating, hot dip galvanized for protection against corrosion and rust.

Even if you need wooden scaffolding components, it is still advisable to carefully check every piece just to be sure that it can withstand the kind of work that you intend to do. Wooden scaffolding components are accorded extra treatment to ensure prolonged lifespan and also better protection against effects of weather and temperature changes.

Safety of the Scaffolding

Safety is a key concern during the erection, use and dismantling of scaffolding. For efficiency in your work, you must always be sure that the scaffold you are choosing can guarantee safety for the intended users. To be sure of scaffold safety, focus must be laid on the wide range of the structure’s features, including how it is used. The first step is to check and confirm that all the chosen parts and components are designed to the required safety standards.

Always try to emphasize on every component to ensure that it contains all the units. Remember there are some scaffolding elements and accessories that include other smaller units, which must always be included when using them. Leaving behind even a single component could impact disasters and cost you so much. After checking the scaffolding components, you should also look into the way in which the scaffold is designed.

Another safety aspect to consider when choosing scaffolding is protective gear. There are special gear for use with scaffolds that workers should also have in order to be safe. Besides, those using scaffolding must also ensure that all the safety work procedures are followed so as to stay away from risks. A lot of care is advised during the assembly and use of scaffolds on various work sites.

The best way to ensuring that scaffolding is safely erected is hiring professionals to do the work. By hiring scaffolding erection services, you will have experts design and set up the structure to the best standards for your work. Before workers step up onto the structure, it will be inspected to ascertain its stability and safety to handle the required tasks. Hiring professionals to set up your scaffolds will also give you a guarantee for regular inspections and adjustments on the structure for convenience.

How to Find the Best Scaffolding Products and Services

With proper knowledge on scaffolding, you can now move into obtaining the required scaffolding products and services that you need. However, finding the best deal can sometimes be challenging, considering there are several suppliers in the market. Instead of spending a lot of time searching, simply talk to us. This is the easiest and most convenient way of obtaining high quality, efficient and affordable scaffolding.

A professional scaffolding company will not only offer you the best quality and affordable options but also proper advise on how to choose the perfect match for all your scaffolding needs.

At Singapore Scaffolding, we specialize in superior quality and the lowest rates in the market. Get in touch with us now for a free quote for any scaffolding product or service that you may need.

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