Cross Brace

A cross brace is one of the scaffolding basic elements that must always be used when putting up the structure to enhance stability and support. Cross Brace comprises two parts of steel that create a cross sign when opened. It helps in determining the length of a particular scaffold or spaces between the scaffold frames. However, it should be noted that cross braces are available in various sizes to ensure that you can always get what suits the frames for your structure.

Singapore Scaffolding is a licensed company that has built a name for itself in the industry; thanks to the high quality scaffolding products and services that we offer. We supply a selection of the best cross braces for scaffolding. Our commitment is to always deliver highly durable and customized cross braces that can be used in erecting just any kind of scaffolding.



Choosing Cross Braces

We understand the diversity in sizes and designs of cross braces for scaffolding, and that is why we continue to expand our product portfolio to offer even more options. The following are some of the braces that you can acquire from us;

Singapore_Scaffolding_Cross Brace

A-14 1829 1219 2198
A-19 1829 914 2045
A-08 1829 610 1928
A-16S 1829 280 1850
A-11 1524 1219 1952
A-18 1524 914 1777
A-9 1524 610 1642
A-16 1524 280 1549
A-13 1219 1219 1724
A-012 1219 914 1524
A-12 1219 610 1363
A-12S 1219 280 1251


Matching Cross Braces with Scaffold Frames

Considering there are various sizes and designs of cross braces to choose from when building scaffolds, it is also important to know how they should be matched with the right frames. The information given below will help you in knowing the cross braces to always go for.

Scaffold Frame A=1829 A=1219 A=1524
1219 Height Ladder Frame A-19 A-012 A-18
490 Height Ladder Frame A-16S A-12S A-16
914 Height Ladder Frame A-08 A-12 A-9
All Size of Main Frame A-14 A-13 A-11


Unlike what some may think, cross braces are the determinants of the length of the entire scaffolding structure as well as spacing between the frames. Although the cross braces are usually longer than the structural length, spacing can either be 5, 6, 7, 8 or 10 inches long based on the sizes of the braces that you use.

Benefits of Using Cross Braces

Using cross braces in setting up scaffolding is very important and offers several benefits aimed at keeping the structure stable and also enhancing its lifespan. A cross brace plays an integral role in ensuring the rigidity of the scaffolding throughout the period of its use.

Cross bracing forms an X shape, which is firmly positioned to keep the scaffolding in place during movements as workers go on with their activities. This form of configuration enables the structure to withstand tension and compression forces that are experienced during use. Cross braces can be used in just any kind of scaffolding component, including, fabricated frames, couplers, tubes among others.

Cross bracing is ideal for developing better support for builders during construction of bridges, houses and other low, medium and high rise structures. Cross braces can be placed vertically or horizontally depending on the design of the scaffolding. Braces that are applied horizontally are mainly aimed at providing lateral stability to the structure. On the other hand, horizontal cross braces, are the most common in building scaffolds.

Qualities of Our Cross Braces

In order to create a stable and strong scaffolding, you must always be very keen on how you choose cross braces to use. Remember, choosing the wrong cross braces could impact a poorly erected scaffolding, hence, exposing workers and the entire project to a lot of risks. The following are some of the main qualities that make our cross braces the best in the market;

  • Designed to global standards
  • Available in various sizes and measurements
  • Steel cross braces
  • Diverse brands to choose from

Depending on your preferences and budget, we can offer assistance in choosing the most suitable cross brace for various types of scaffolds. Our engineers have many years’ experience with various kinds of scaffolding components and can always assist you in making informed decisions when shopping for cross braces. And, our services do not just end there, we can still offer a support team to guide you or the workers on how to safely use cross braces when assembling or dismantling scaffolds.

We only supply products from leading manufacturers to ensure that you always get the best value for money with every purchase of cross braces from us. And, we have a variety to choose from depending on the configuration of scaffold that you want to build and also budget for the project.

Why you should Get Cross Braces from Singapore Scaffolding

Although there are several places you can acquire cross braces, Singapore Scaffolding is the right partner to always look up to for the ultimate scaffolding solutions. By choosing to acquire cross braces from our company, you are guaranteed the following;

  • Highly efficient and durable cross braces
  • Affordable prices
  • Professional assistance in choosing and using cross braces
  • Quick delivery at your own convenience

We are always within reach and can deliver the cross braces within the shortest time. Without even visiting our offices, you can simply place an order for the particular cross braces that you need and we will deliver it to your location. This ensures that your project is not stalled simply because of some missing scaffolding components.

Considering the numerous calculations that may be involved in choosing cross braces, we have a support team that is dedicated to guiding customers when shopping for scaffolding for sale or rent. In case you may have inquiries or questions regarding cross braces or any other scaffolding product and service, do not hesitate to talk to us.

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