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This is one of the most popular forms of scaffolding spotted in various construction sites across Singapore. Typically, frame scaffold is constructed using standard round tubes that are linked and laid on top of another, together with other elements and accessories for proper support and balance. Frame scaffolding can be applied in a number of areas to provide an ideal platform for workers and builders when conducting maintenance, repairs and other construction works.

Constructing frame scaffolds involve the use of two parts of round tube connected by two crossed parts of support poles arranged in the form of squares. The scaffolding is typically assembled as the work advances. However, you could also opt to simply construct the entire structure at once. Frame scaffolds can be built to great heights, allowing construction works to be conducted even on very tall structures.

Configurations of Frame Scaffolding

In case you need frame scaffolding for sale or hire, one of the key points to note is, they are available in various kinds and designs. One of the main configurations of a frame scaffold is one comprising sections with walk-through portals and ladders. There are also others that are constructed with plain walk-through. Frame scaffolds can also be constructed to resemble ladders.

A professional can always help you in determining the most suitable configuration of a frame scaffold for the job. The right one usually depends on the structure to be worked on, the specific tasks to be conducted, and your budget among other factors.

General Uses of Frame Scaffolds

Frame scaffolds can be used in a number of areas to provide support to workers, their tools and building materials. In most occasions, this type of scaffolding is used in temporary shoring work. However, it should be noted that frame scaffolds have a safe working load or limits, which have to be kept when using the structures.

Frame scaffolds can also be used in supporting raised slabs and girders for bridges. Such construction works are usually very heavy and require strong supports, which can be offered by frame scaffolds. There are also simply designed frame scaffolding that can be used in light duties like, painting in tall buildings. Other than just offering safe platforms for workers, frame scaffolding can also act as ladders used in accessing heights.

Considerations When Assembling Frame Scaffolds

Similar to other types of scaffolding, there are various considerations that you should always make when setting up frame scaffolds for safety and stability. You should start by conducting an inspection of the ground or work site to find out whether there are any preparations that need to be made. In cases where the ground is not even, you will need to do some leveling to ensure that your scaffolds are laid on a stable surface.

It is also important that you check the frames or tubing, cross braces and other scaffolding components to make sure that they are in the best condition. Whether you are using new or used scaffolding components, it is important to carefully check them for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Ensure that the tubes are properly aligned before assembly to avoid any risks in the process or when using the structure.

Another important part that you should also check is the locking devices used in holding the frames and other components together. Although there are various configurations of frame scaffolds, every scaffold usually has specific assembling procedures from the manufacturer that should always be followed. Therefore, it is also important that scaffolding erection is conducted in accordance with the required specifications.

There are sometimes when you may fall short of one or two frames. In such cases, it is always advisable to seek those parts of components from the same manufacturer. Using scaffolding basic elements and accessories from different manufacturers could be disastrous owing to the diversities in their designs and construction.

When assembling frame scaffolding, always make sure that every section is connected to the required parts. Remember even the slightest mistakes or assumptions could have a negative impact on the stability and safety of the entire structure. In case you are not sure of the right assembling procedures for this scaffold, it is advisable to call a professional to do it. Hiring professional scaffolding erection services will not only save you some time but also ensure that the structure is set up to standard.

Benefits of Using a Frame Scaffold

There are various kinds of scaffolds that can be used in construction works but, frame scaffolds offer great benefits aimed at enhancing work efficiency and safety in all your projects. The following are some of the main benefits of using a frame scaffold on your work site;

Easy to assemble and dismantle

Since frame scaffolds come with standard tubes and components, which are simply set up by connecting each to another, constructing the structure is quite easy. Most parts of frame scaffolds are constructed using frames, which are light in weight and easy to transport. Besides, storage of frame scaffolds also do not require a lot of space.

Long lasting

Most frame scaffolding components are made of steel and aluminum, which are highly resistant to changes in weather conditions and pressure from combinations of workloads. Frame scaffolds are also treated with surface finishes to protect them from corrosion and rust, hence, a longer lifespan.


Frame scaffolds have numerous applications in the construction industry and, this makes them highly flexible. The structures can be used in both repairs, maintenance and even other activities on tall buildings. The scaffold can be constructed to different heights, which allows workers to access various work stations with convenience.

Frame scaffolds are also constructed with stairways for easy movements of workers as they go about their duties. Besides, manufacturers can also design customized frame scaffolds for use on specific structures or buildings. This even makes them more flexible than several other kinds of scaffolds in the market.

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