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At Singapore Scaffolding, we offer a wide range of scaffold frames that you can select from when erecting a new structure or conducting repairs on an existing one. Our company specializes in high quality scaffold frames that can be obtained in various configurations to enable you to get just the right match for the job. Besides, we can also customize scaffold frames for specific scaffolding needs.

We stock a huge collection of scaffold frames by major brands that are highly compatible with most scaffolding basic elements and accessories. Our products come with unique features and qualities to deliver greater performance, safety and durability of scaffolding. It is only from our company that you have a guarantee of the best quality scaffold frames for your budget.

Features of Our Scaffold Frames

When shopping for scaffold frames, there are a few things that you should always consider in order to get the right match for your expectations. But, we understand how hard this can be since it will require you to find some time and also additional effort. Besides supplying products from leading manufacturers, we also ensure that every frame that we offer is properly inspected and certified fit for scaffolding. The following are some of the qualities of our scaffold frames;

Available in various sizes

Scaffolds are usually erected differently, depending on the kind of work to be done, structure of the house among other aspects. As a result of this, scaffold frames also come in various sizes to suit different types of scaffolding. We offer a wide range of common scaffold frames including, Walkthrough Frames / Main Frames and Ladder Frames / Standard End Frames.

In our category of Walkthrough Frames, you can find, Main Frame A-4064, Main Frame A-4055B, Main Frame A-405 and Main Frame A-3055.


In case you need a Ladder Frame, we also offer a variety including; Ladder Frame A-403L and Ladder Frame A-404L.


We have frames of up to 36’’ wide, and can be obtained in sizes of 3’, 5’ and 6’6’ heights. Besides, there are also various kinds of shapes to select from. Bleacher frames and 114’’ Hoarding frames are some of the new entrants in the market that you can also get from us.

Depending on the size that you need for the job, we will discuss with you the most suitable option for scaffold frame. In the end, you will be able to get the perfect size for the particular structure that you intend to erect.

Versatile Frames

In most occasions, builders and construction workers have been troubled trying to find scaffold frames for certain kinds of duties. But with us, such are issues you will have to forget forever because we offer frames that can suit just any scaffold system. In fact, we continue to expand our portfolio to include even more options. Our frames are compatible with various scaffolding components.

The table below can help you in matching a scaffold frame with the right cross brace.

Scaffold Frame A=1829 A=1524 A=1219
All Size of Main Frame A-14 A-11 A-012
1219 Height Ladder Frame A-19 A-18 A-012
490 Height Ladder Frame A-16S A-16 A-12S
914 Height Ladder Frame A-08 A-9 A-12

Singapore_Scaffolding_Cross Brace

Our frames are also very easy to assemble and disassemble, for an easy time during scaffolding erection and also on completion of the project.

Durable Frames

We always give precedence to the safety of users in the very product that we offer. And, that is why all our scaffold frames are enhanced with rigid construction to withstand intense pressure and workloads even in worse conditions. Our frames can deliver better performance in all weather conditions and also last longer than common frames.

Our scaffold frames are also given surface treatment through hot dip galvanization to keep them looking good for an extended lifespan. This also ensures that the frames are rust and corrosion-free, which will  save you from regular replacements and repairs.

Affordable prices

Finding high quality scaffold frames at a cost that suits your budget can be challenging. But, you no longer have to worry about costs when you rely on us. Singapore Scaffolding has been able to build a wealth of trust from various construction enterprises mainly because of our ability to deliver greater value. We have the lowest prices in the scaffolding industry, and yet, still supply the best quality scaffolding products and services in Singapore.

Highly Dependable

We understand the inconvenience that usually occurs whenever you have to wait for too long before receiving deliveries for scaffolding components ordered. Therefore, our company has ensured that we are fully stocked to offer all the required products on schedule. We will always carefully check every frame to ascertain that it is in the best condition before putting pen to paper. Besides, every frame is always labelled to show its specifications including, size, brand and other important details for proof of quality.

We can always customize scaffolding components to the specific needs of every customer, and this not only applies to sizes and shapes but also quantity. When building a new scaffold, you may need a large quantity of frames. But, for replacements, you may only need one or two. In both situations, we can always deliver since we have all the products and resources to do that.

Our company has a comprehensive network within Singapore to deliver scaffold frames and any other products or services within the shortest time. And, our service does not just end after you get the required scaffold frames. We also have a support team to offer proper guidance to clients regarding their usage and other measures. However, we also offer professional scaffold erection services to save you from all the stress.

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Singapore Scaffolding is a licensed supplier of the best quality scaffolding products and services across Singapore. We take pride in delivering versatile, durable and affordable scaffold frames for all kinds of scaffolds. Regardless of the design or size of scaffold frame that you need, we have a huge collection to choose from and, for every budget. simply contact us for the best scaffold frames for both residential, commercial and industrial scaffolding.


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