Base Plate

All scaffolds are required to transmit their loads to the surface upon which the structure is mounted. And, this means much attention should always be placed on the foundation to ensure the structure’s stability and safety when in use. A base plate is essential in offering a solid foundation to the components of scaffolding. This accessory is designed to offer a platform onto which the standards are rooted to ensure that the load of the structure is transferred and evenly distributed towards the base, thereby enhancing its stability.

The fundamental role of a base-plate is to ensure that the form work and entire structure is kept in a stable position when supporting different load capacities. As a result of this, you should always acquire base plates from an accomplished company that can deliver the best quality products. At Singapore Scaffolding, we offer superior quality base plates and other scaffolding products that are highly efficient and versatile. Besides, we also offer customized base plates for specific scaffolding tasks.


Benefits of Using a Base Plate in Scaffolding

Some people usually argue that why use a base plate when they can simply place wooden boards at the base of the scaffold stands. However, it should be noted that even on a concrete slab or grounds that look leveled, the structure can easily sink into the ground or break when loads are mounted onto it. Wooden boards like plywood are very weak and may not hold the scaffold for long, thereby exposing workers to danger.

Base plates are carved from metals, which gives them great strength to support heavy loads without breaking apart or giving room for penetration of scaffold stands. Base plates can always work in all kinds of grounds, including uneven surfaces. As a result of this, the scaffold can be mounted onto just any work site without the fear of accidents or causing damage to a concrete slab.

Base plates are also recommended because they can be easily moved or adjusted to suit diverse working conditions. After completing the task that you are doing, base plates can be easily dismantled and moved to another work site without any problems. However, it is always important to assess the condition of the work site in order to know how to properly erect the base plates for scaffolding safety and stability.

Features of our Base Plates

The base plates that are offered by our company are enhanced with innovative features for better performance, reliability and durability. In fact, we only supply scaffolding products by major brands in the market. The following are some of the features of our scaffold base plates;

Available in various sizes and designs

Most of the base plates in the market today come in sizes of 150mm with 22mm center tubes. But, we understand that there are certain scaffold structures that may need larger-sized base plates with longer or shorter center tubes. As a result, we also offer customized sizes that you can choose from based on your scaffolding needs. In case you are setting up scaffolds for heavy workloads, we can suggest the best base plates with larger surfaces. However, we also have base plates for lighter duties like painting.

Compatible with various scaffold components

Scaffolding erection usually vary depending on the kind of work to be done, the structure to be worked on, type of scaffold among other things. That is why we offer base plates that are quite versatile and can always work effectively with other scaffolding components. These base plates can easily work with other scaffolding accessories and basic elements to offer proper foundation.

Sometimes, you may not be able to get the particular base plate design that you were looking for. However, there is no reason to worry because we can also deliver customized base plates for specific activities. In fact, we can also help you in integrating base plates to the particular structure or site that you intend to work on.

Sturdy Construction

The design of our base plates is quite detailed and innovative for the best performance in diverse work sites. The base plates are made of steel for added strength to enable the structure accommodate different weight combinations. Besides, this also ensures a longer lifespan for the base plates. Our base plates are also accorded hot dip galvanized surface treatments to keep them looking good for an extended period of time.

Why Acquire Base Plates from Singapore Scaffolding

Singapore Scaffolding is a licensed supplier of high quality scaffolding products and services in Singapore. And, this has given us the confidence to always serve our clients with diligence towards obtaining the ultimate scaffolding solutions. By obtaining base plates from our company, you are guaranteed numerous benefits including;

Superior Quality

All our products are acquired directly from manufacturers with proper certification for use in scaffolding. Whether you need base plates for hire or sale, we always deliver top notch quality for unrivaled efficiency and convenience in all scaffolding operations. In case of any problem with our base plates or any other product, do not hesitate to talk to us for immediate solutions.

Affordable prices

We understand that every scaffolding project usually runs on a specific budget. Therefore, we have a pricing policy that ensures every customer is able to acquire the best scaffolding products and services at affordable prices. In fact, we have very fair prices that can easily fit just any budget. And, you can always save so much more whenever you acquire base plates in bulk or larger quantities.


There are several occasions whereby workers have been forced to withhold projects mainly because of delays in delivery of ordered scaffolding components. However, this is an experience that you can no longer have with us. All our stores are fully stocked, and this has enabled us to always deliver all scaffolding components and services within the set deadlines. In just a short time after placing an order for the required base plates or other scaffolding accessories, we will respond and make the delivery.

Even after obtaining the base plate, you can still hire our professionals for the best scaffolding erection services. Get in touch with us now for a free quote!

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