Mobile Scaffold

Mobile scaffold is a unique type of scaffolding that is characterized by wheels, casters and other moving components, used in navigating the structure across various work stations. One of the key features of this scaffold, which makes it different from the rest is that it can easily be moved from one place to another without being dismantled. As a result of this, mobile scaffolds are becoming a preference of many builders and workers today.

Considering the ease of movement and special design of mobile scaffolding, they are usually recommended for working in areas with limited space. The structure can go a long way in optimizing freedom of movement for workers in places that are not easily accessible by conventional scaffolds.

Mobile scaffolds are made from a wide range of components like, aluminum fabricated systems, steel frames (H-Frames), fiberglass prefabricated elements, modular steel parts, tubes and fittings.


General Uses of Mobile Scaffolds

There are a number of areas where mobile scaffolds can be used in the construction industry including, painting, fixing of wall tiles and fresher boards. Despite the unique designs of mobile scaffolds, they are still ideal in accessing raised levels that cannot be reached by normal human height.

Tips for Using Mobile Scaffolds

Although mobile scaffolds come in different varieties, there are general principles of use that must be followed to ensure the safety of workers throughout the job. Every scaffold usually comes with manufacturer’s instructions for its erection and use. The following are some of the key guidelines to be followed when using mobile scaffolds;

  • Always make sure that mobile scaffolds are used on leveled or even grounds without any litter around.
  • All the platforms should be decked to the maximum width and properly fastened to avoid displacement during work.
  • For safety, the mid and top guardrails should be carefully laid onto the platforms to give workers a leveled surface to work from.
  • In case the platform is designed with a hatch door, you should make sure that it remains closed when not in use.

Several small-sized mobile scaffolds are easy to assemble and can even be erected by the workers themselves. However, there are also larger ones that require some skill when setting up. If you are having a mobile scaffold of more than five meters in height, it is advisable to hire professional scaffolding erection services.

Considering that mobile scaffolds have movable parts like, wheels, it is also important that they are maintained regularly to ensure scaffold safety. The best way to ensure a more efficient experience with a mobile scaffold is hiring an expert to handle its erection and maintenance. Through an expert, your scaffold will be set up right, and also checked and maintained regularly so you can focus on the core activities of the project.

Advantages of Using Mobile Scaffolds on your Work Site

There are unique benefits that you will be able to enjoy whenever you acquire a mobile scaffold for your project. The following are some of the main benefits of mobile scaffolding;

Safe and convenient

Mobile scaffolds are equipped with safe platforms for standing or sitting while the work continues. The platforms have safety guard rails around them for protection against falls when working. In fact, there are even some mobile scaffolds that are equipped with hatch doors to shield workers from falling off the structure.

Mobile scaffolding is also quite spacious. The platform at the top is adequate to accommodate workers, their tools and materials. This ensures great convenience to the workers since it enables them to access their tools, materials as well as working spaces with so much ease. When workers are sure of their safety, there is a chance they will concentrate more on their jobs, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity.


When using a mobile scaffold, movements are quite easy and fast since the structure is equipped with wheels. The scaffold can be easily pushed or pulled when switching work places. This makes the scaffolding quite versatile since it can be used in quite a wide range of applications that require accessibility to heights.

Although most components of mobile scaffolds are made of steel and aluminum, they are light in weight and also not very bulky. Even if you may need to change work sites, transporting mobile scaffolds is not hard as they do not take a lot of space.


Mobile scaffolding is constructed using metal bars, tubes and planks that are specifically designed to withstand the pressures incurred in construction works. Steel and aluminum are materials with rugged designs that can effectively support various load combinations without experiencing frequent bends and damage. Besides, they are also accorded surface treatments to keep them looking good for longer periods of time.

With proper maintenance and use of mobile scaffolds, they can last for quite a long period of time. In fact, you will not even need to make any replacements if you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Mobile scaffolding could also enable you to save quite a lot of money when it comes to using scaffolds. With a mobile scaffold, you have an ideal structure for almost all kinds of works involving heights. As a result of this, you will not need to find different scaffolds when working on various kinds of buildings.

Apart from the wheels, mobile scaffolds do not have numerous moving parts, which means that even the maintenance procedures are limited. In fact, the main maintenance procedure that is required for the structure is greasing of the movable components. This is a task that you can do by yourself without involving a professional.

How to Find the Best Mobile Scaffold

The information given above is important in the selection of an ideal mobile scaffold for your project. However, it is still advisable that you talk to a professional in order to make an informed decision. At Singapore Scaffolding, we are the experts that you can always trust for high quality and affordable scaffolding products and services.

Simply get in touch with us for help with obtaining the most suitable mobile scaffold for your project.

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