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Working platforms are elevated work spaces erected on decks or scaffolding to provide workers and their tools with proper support when operating on heights. The basis of a working platform is to ensure that workers have a stable and comfortable surface from which they can conduct various activities on areas that are raised high above the ground. This type of scaffold usually comprise ramps and other materials used to support the structure.

Working platforms also come in various configurations to choose from when thinking of obtaining this form of scaffold for your project. Although the general design is usually similar, there are a few variations in the features. However, you can also order for a customized working platform that is tailored to your particular demands.

General Uses of a Working Platform

There are various kinds of construction projects that can be handled using working platform scaffolds. In most occasions, they are used on structures measuring up to 60 feet in height, mainly in high rise buildings. Besides, working platforms are not only for use by workers, instead, they can also offer an ample space for operating construction machines like cranes.

A working platform also serves in elevating workers to convenient working levels while ensuring that they are safely supported. This is the appropriate type of scaffold to go for when working on areas that are unsafe like, wet environments. Even if you need to work in an area whereby ground preparation can take a lot of time, a working platform can save you from all the hassles of clearing the work site.

By using a working platform on your construction site, you can also easily enhance efficiency. This is because, the platform offers comfort and peace of mind to workers and their tools, allowing them to focus on the core activities of the project. However, it should be noted that every working platform is designed to support a particular workload, which should be maintained throughout the duration of using the structure.

Things to Note When Erecting a Working Platform

The best way to ensuring that your working platform is stable and safe for the intended activities, it is always advisable that you acquire scaffolding erection services. Below are some important points to take note of;

  • The platform should be wide enough to cater for the number of workers, materials and tools to be used on the project.
  • The decks or planks used in creating the surface should also be placed at a convenient distance with the area to be worked on. This will give workers an easier time in accessing work stations and also enable them avoid straining.
  • It is also important to make sure that the platform is tightly held into position to avoid shaking or swaying when heavy loads are mounted onto it.
  • Toe boards and kick boards should also be fixed onto the ends of every platform to ensure that tools and construction materials are not dislodged. These are usually secured using couplers and special fitting components.
  • When setting up working platforms, it should also be noted that the structure should be placed in a free space without obstructions to its access.

Sometimes, you may start setting up a working platform and get stuck along the way. The best thing to do in such a situation is calling a professional scaffolding company for scaffold erection services.

Benefits of Using a Working Platform for your Project

Choosing a working platform for your construction project can deliver great benefits. The following are some of the key advantages of working platforms;

Easy to set up and dismantle

A working platform is simple in design and construction, which ensures less time and energy when setting it up and dismantling it. In fact, a working platform can be erected by even individuals without any experience in scaffolding, provided they follow the stipulated assembling procedures. In fact, disassembling working platforms is also very easy by simply following given instructions.

Spacious and safe

Unlike several kinds of scaffolds, a working platform offers adequate space for workers, their tools and construction materials. As a result of this, there is no doubt work efficiency will be significantly improved.

Working platforms are also equipped with various safety features to shield users from risks that could arise when working. Most working platform designs have mid rails and guard rails to protect workers from falling off or sliding while on the structure. Besides, you can also suggest certain safety features for your structure when placing on order for a customized one.


Another benefit of using working platforms is, they are quite flexible when it comes to where they can be used. Besides, the platform can also be adjusted to various heights depending on the needs of the workers. As a result of this, the structure can be used in a wide range of construction applications.

Working platforms have maximum workloads that each can support, however, they can accommodate both light and heavy construction works. Besides, the basic elements and accessories of the scaffold can also be modified to specific construction needs. This further confirms flexibility of a working platform.

There are also certain forms of working platforms that are power-driven. These have the capacity to ascend to greater heights while holding heavier loads, hence, making work easier, fast and also more efficient.


Obtaining a working platform for your task is also a much cheaper option with regards to the operational costs as well as general cost of the project. Since the scaffold can be used in various construction project, you will not need to acquire a different structure when switching work sites. Besides, a working platform dos not require regular maintenance, making the cost of operating it even more pocket friendly.

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