Scaffolding Accessories

Scaffolding accessories are important requirements for setting up and also using scaffolds. Unlike scaffolding basic elements, some accessories may not be mandatory but, recommended for customized solutions. With the right scaffolding accessories, you can always erect just any kind of structure for a specific task. This ensures greater freedom when it comes to designing and assembling scaffolding structures for various kinds of construction works.

Scaffolding accessories can be applied to achieve so many things when it comes to how and where you can use the structure. There are accessories that can be used to enhance the rigidity of certain scaffolding elements through fastening. Some can also be used in customizing scaffolds to suit various work sites and conditions. As a result of this, there is no doubt choosing the best scaffolding accessories that we offer at Singapore Scaffolding can enhance the stability and safety of the scaffolds as well as improve work efficiency.


Our Scaffolding Accessories

Considering the various roles played by scaffolding accessories, our portfolio includes a wide range of products. Our commitment is to ensure that every builder or worker is able to get the right accessory for their scaffolding needs. We specialize in both standard as well as customized scaffolding accessories for performing various tasks.  The following are some of the main scaffolding accessories that we offer;

Jack Base

A jack base is an accessory that serves as the base of the scaffold bays onto which, the standards are erected. They are ideal for offering stability and also adjusting the bay’s level in case the ground on which the structure stands is not even. We have various kinds of jack bases including, Universal base jack, socket base jack and adjustable base jack among others. These Base Jacks are available in various sizes of 600mm, 450mm, 850mm, and 700mm adjustment.

Our jack bases are manufactured with amazing features like, steel construction, hot dip galvanization, surface treatment among others. Besides, the jack bases that we supply are also very easy to use, highly versatile and strong for better support over a long period of time.

Kindly refer to our Jack Base section to find out more about the various selections that we have.


Also an important scaffolding accessory, base plats are used to give a flat bearing so that the weight of the scaffold standards is evenly distributed for structural stability. For effectiveness, it is always recommended that you use base plates with sole pads. These accessories are also ideal in protecting surfaces like, pavements from damage when using scaffolds mainly because, of their flat bases.

Our base plates have sturdy construction with aluminum finishes for light weight and stability in supporting other scaffolding components. The base plates are also enhanced with other various features including, nail holes, powder coating, hot dip galvanized and zinc plating. Our base-plates can be used on just any work site including, concrete slabs, grass, rocky grounds as well as back fill.

Find out more about these scaffolding accessories on our Base-Plate page.

U-Head Jack

The purpose of a U-Head Jack is to hold scaffolding components like, planks and boards in position. We offer various kinds of scaffolding U-Head including, hot rolled steel U-head, Adjustable U-Head, fixed U-Head and U-Head nuts. All these designs are accorded sturdy construction with proper finishes for sustainability and longer lifespan. You can choose from U-Head Jacks with electro galvanized or black and painted finish.

The greatest advantage of our U-Heads is, most of them are adjustable, which means they can be used in various tasks during scaffolding erection. Our U-Heads can be obtained in various sizes of 750mm, 650mm, 600mm, and 400mm among others. We stock both hollow and solid U-Heads that you can also choose from when building a new scaffolding or adjusting an existing one to suit specific needs.

Simply refer to our U-Head Jack page to find out more about this scaffolding accessory.

Apart from the three products outlined above, there are still several other scaffolding accessories and supplies that we can also offer to help you create a safe workplace and also get the job done easily and faster.

Benefits of Obtaining Scaffolding Accessories from Us

At Singapore Scaffolding, we are committed to delivering unique and customized scaffolding products and services that will guarantee efficient and affordable solutions. Here are more reasons to always rely on us for all scaffolding accessories;

Superior Quality

At all times that you acquire any scaffolding accessory from us, there is an assurance of high performance standards. All our accessories are sourced from leading manufacturers with established brands. The products that we offer are designed with great focus on value for money, hence, superior quality in every purchase.

Wide range of Scaffolding accessories

It is only from our company that you can always get various types, designs, models and brands of scaffolding accessories under one roof. In fact, we offer scaffolding accessories with diverse configurations to enable you get just the right match for your structure. With the diversity in our product portfolio, you will be able to save time and also the effort that would have been used visiting various suppliers.

Highly versatile accessories

Another benefit of obtaining scaffolding accessories from us is, you can always get a product that is specifically tailored to your specifications. Our accessories are compatible with several scaffolding basic elements. However, we can also deliver customized scaffolding accessories for special needs and tasks. Besides, most of our products can be used in all weather conditions including, sun, wind and rainfall, which makes them very efficient for various kinds of projects. Besides we can also offer accessories for both indoor and outdoor scaffolds.

Lower Prices

Buying scaffolding accessories from us will also enable you to get the best quality at pocket-friendly prices. We understand the financial drain that construction projects can have on you and, that is why our company offers scaffolding for sale, rent and scaffolding erection services customized to every budget.

For the best collection of superior quality and affordable scaffolding accessories in Singapore, do not hesitate to talk to us.



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