Suspended Scaffold

Unlike other types of scaffolding, suspended scaffolds are held by ropes, which are used to lower or raise the platform of the structure to a convenient height to workers. The structure can also be suspended using other non-rigid components, placed overhead to allow for easy movement of the platform across various levels of the area or building being worked on. There are various designs of suspended scaffold, including, even some resembling cars that operate along rails to facilitate working on areas that are raised above the ground.

Suspended scaffolds can be used in various construction works like, repairs, refurbishment and maintenance. In most occasions, they have been used in tall buildings to clean windows. Depending on your needs, suspended scaffolding can be erected on both new and existing structures for various kinds of operations.


Types of Suspended Scaffolding

When shopping for a suspended scaffold, you should note that there are various categories in the market to choose from. The following are some of the main types of suspended scaffolds;

Single point adjustable or Work Cages

This is a suspended scaffolding that is held by one rope from an overhead support. The system comprises a pulley used in raising or lowering the platform to the required level or height.


This is where the platform is attached to a support that is suspended from two ropes. It also has a flexible component that is applied to facilitate the ascension or decent of the platform.

Boatswain Chairs

A Boatswain chair involves the use of a chair, which is suspended from a rope overhead. This type is usually recommended for just a single worker and few tools and materials. It is mostly used in conducting installations or repairs for electrical equipment.

General Uses of Suspended Scaffold

There are quite a number of applications of suspended scaffolding in the construction industry other than the ones already mentioned above. This type of scaffold is popular in work sites for glass fixing, painting, cleaning exterior sections of high rise buildings, minor concrete repairs, and inspection of tall structures among others.

Even if your project may not be included in the ones above, it does not mean that you cannot use a suspended scaffold on it. By talking to a scaffolding expert, you will be able to easily know whether this is the most appropriate type of scaffold for your job.

Advantages of Using Suspended Scaffold

By obtaining a suspended scaffold for your project, there are numerous benefits that you will be able to enjoy. The following are some of the key benefits of a suspended scaffold;


It is always the desire of every builder or worker to have a scaffold that can be easily operated across several levels. And, that is exactly what you get with a suspended scaffold. The structure is built with hoists and pulleys, which are held in position but, can facilitate easy movement of the workers across different levels.

These scaffolds can be integrated into various structures or buildings, making them quite flexible in handling different construction projects. Since the suspension is overhead, this type of scaffolding can be used even on very high buildings that cannot be accessed by several kinds of scaffolds. With this kind of flexibility, suspended scaffold can go a long way in enhancing work efficiency in various sites.

Safe and convenient

Although the suspension of the platform on ropes may make some to think that suspended scaffolds are weak, they are enhanced with safety features for protection against common accidents. The system has a cabin to accommodate workers, their tools and materials. Besides, it is also designed with safety guard rails.

Besides the standard safety features of a suspended scaffold, you can also opt for customized designs. In fact, suspended scaffolds can be quite safe and convenient if erected and used in accordance with the stipulated scaffolding safety measures.

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Assembling and dismantling scaffolds can be quite complicated and time consuming but, suspended scaffolds are the opposite of that. Provided there is a hoist system, you can simply set up the scaffold and begin work. And, dismantling it is also easy since it does not have many components.

The simple designs of suspended scaffolds also make them easier to transport and store after work. In fact, a suspended scaffold can easily fit into the back of a truck, which could also save you some money on the cost of transporting construction materials.


The ease of use and simplicity of a suspended scaffolding make it an ideal scaffolding structure for a wide range of construction operations. With just a single set, you have a platform for repairs, maintenance works, regular cleaning and several other activities on higher levels of buildings. As a result of this, you will not need an extra scaffold for a different job or work site, which is more cost-effective.

How to Find the Best Suspended Scaffold

With the diverse types of suspended scaffolds in the market, sometimes it can be a bit tricky finding the right option for your work. In order to avoid all the hassles of searching the internet and seeking recommendations from friends, simply contact a reliable scaffolding company. This will offer you a free access to professional advice on choosing suspended scaffolding. At Singapore Scaffolding, we can deliver the most suitable suspended scaffolding for your job and budget.

We have professional engineers with great expertise and experience in various kinds of scaffolding to guide you towards making an informed decision. Our company specializes in high quality and affordable scaffolding products and services that you can always rely on for the ultimate solutions.  All our products are designed to the highest standards that meet the regulations of the construction industry, hence, there is always a guarantee of a highly efficient suspended scaffold.

Singapore Scaffolding offers a wide range of the best quality and affordable suspended scaffolds for sale and rental. Depending on your budget and plans for the project, we can help you acquire the perfect suspended scaffolding in Singapore. After obtaining the scaffold, we can also offer professional scaffolding erection services for convenience.


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