Tower Scaffold

tower-singapore-scaffoldingA tower scaffold is a raised platform that is made up of various components including, stairways and resting panels. The stability of the tower is based on how each of the components are laid out and fitted. However, the setting up of the entire structure should always be in line with the required scaffolding erection standards. In fact, tower scaffolds should always be erected by professionals with experience in setting up these structures.

There are various kinds of tower scaffolds that can be used in construction projects. One of the most popular ones is the mobile tower or rolling scaffolding, which is constructed with casters at the base for easy movement. There are also aluminum and steel towers that can be erected along the internal and external perimeters of buildings to enable workers access greater heights.

Tower scaffolds are recommended when working on areas that are highly raised and risky to access by using ladders. Besides, the scaffolding is also ideal when working on areas with both intensive and light construction works.

Points to Consider when Using Tower Scaffolds

Although several types of scaffolding usually look similar, the way in which they are erected, used and dismantled vary from one to another. Therefore, it is recommended that you also get to know the basics of setting up, using and disassembling tower scaffolds for the best working experience.

Erecting a Tower Scaffold

The following are some of the general considerations that should be taken into account when setting up tower scaffolding;

  • Avoid moving the tower when there is too much wind since that could weaken the components of the structure, leading to accidents and even its destruction.
  • Ensure that no individual, material or tools are on the tower when moving it. In fact, the structure should always be cleared before the process of moving it begins to ensure safety.
  • Follow all the recommended movement procedures for the scaffold. However, the scaffold should be pulled or pushed manually by the workers and not machines like vehicles. You can only use machines when stipulated to so but, even in such circumstances, only the appropriate machines should be used.
  • Make sure that the ground onto where the structure is erected is properly leveled for stability and better support when working. There are other considerations that should be made to enhance the stability of the scaffold like, filling up pot holes and clearing uneven grounds.

When setting up a tower scaffold, you should always try to avoid loading it with heavy equipment that surpass the maximum limit recommended by the manufacturer. Besides, it should also be noted that tower scaffolding is only to provide a platform for working on heights and, not lifting materials from the ground or supporting other structures.

It is also important to ensure that all the basic elements and accessories of tower scaffold are fitted as required. In case of any missing part, you should have it replaced before setting up the structure. All the parts used in constructing the tower should be compatible with one another for easy fixing and erection. In case you are not well conversant with various components of the scaffold, talk to a professional for help. In fact, hiring scaffolding erection services is the best way to avoid all the hassles involved in setting up a tower scaffold.

Moving and Dismantling the Structure

A tower scaffold can be used in various work sites where accessibility to heights or raised platforms is required. Before moving the tower, you should carefully check the area for hanging electrical wires, tree branches among other aspects of obstruction. Moving the tower without inspecting the site could impact losses to not only the workers but also other third parties. In case the scaffold is too high that it cannot be moved as it is, it should be dismantled to the appropriate level.

Similar to the assembly of a tower scaffold, dismantling it should also be conducted according to the set procedures by the manufacturer. If you are not very sure about the right dismantling procedures, it is advisable to acquire scaffolding erection services. This will ensure that the structure is safely brought down within the shortest time for convenience.

Benefits of a Tower Scaffold

The following are some of the key advantages of using tower scaffolds;

Easy to assemble

Tower scaffolds are constructed using various components but, all these come with designations for fitting and connections. As a result of this, the process of setting up the structure is usually simple and fast. When relying on an expert to do the assembly, the process is even much easier and fast.

Highly efficient

This type of scaffold is also very safe and comfortable, allowing workers to access greater heights on multiple construction projects. When workers have a stable and safe platform to work from, they will be focused more on productivity, thereby ensuring efficiency. Aluminum tower scaffolds are usually very light in weight, and can be easily moved from one point to another.


Tower scaffolds can be used in various work sites, which makes it very versatile. Considering the casters that they are equipped with, movement is quite easy across different work stations. Besides, the height of the tower can also be adjusted to the particular level that is required by workers.

On the other hand, construction workers can also now order for customized tower scaffolds directly from manufacturers. There are also various configurations of tower scaffolding in the market suited for diverse operations that you can choose from based on the structure of the building to be worked on, your budget and intensity of the work.

Owing to the versatility of tower scaffolds, they are also very economical in terms of operational costs. With a tower scaffold, you are able to work on various kinds of structures from diverse angles and heights without erecting a different one.

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