U-Head Jack

When setting up scaffolding, there will be occasions whereby you may not be able to attain the required height. Even in the process of working, you may sometimes need to adjust the scaffold to a particular level in order to access raised workstations. The best scaffolding accessory for achieving all these is a U-Head Jack. It is used on the upper level of the standards to give room for the adjustment of the structure. U-Head Jacks are used together with adjustable systems for easy operations during scaffolding erection and use.

The main role of a U-Head Jack is to make sure that timber beams and other similar components are tightly held in place when operating on various levels. Considering this, U-Head jacks are an important accessory for ensuring the stability of scaffolds and also the safety of workers. At Singapore Scaffolding, we offer a wide selection of the best quality and affordable U-Head Jacks.


Features of our U-Head Jacks

When looking for U-Head jacks, there are some qualities that you should always consider in order to get the perfect fit for your scaffolding needs. Remember, there are different kinds of scaffolds, and this requires that you have to be careful during selection in order to acquire the right U-Head jacks for the particular scaffolding that you intend to set up. The following are some of the key provisions of the U-Head jacks that we offer;

Available in various sizes

Although U-Head jacks may look the same to many people, they come in various sizes to choose from. The sizes of these accessories are based on the length of the pipe, and size of the U-shaped component, which you need to be keen on when selecting them. We offer standard as well as customized U-Head jack sizes so you are able to get just the right one for your task. In case you may have a problem in identifying the right size, our engineers can always assist.

Superior Quality

Apart from just the outstanding appearance of our U-Head jacks, they are also designed with the latest manufacturing technologies to deliver the best performance in every job site. Their rugged construction ensures great strength to effectively support other scaffolding components and workers. These U-Head jacks are fabricated from galvanized steel; better known for sustainability and longevity. Besides, they are also treated to various rust and corrosion proof finishes.

All our scaffolding accessories are manufactured under close scrutiny of engineers, hence, there is always a guarantee of the best quality. And, before making any delivery, we have experts to assess and test all the U-Head jacks to ascertain that each is designed to the highest standards. As a result of this, there is always no doubt in the quality of every product obtained from us.


It has always been our goal to provide accessories that are compatible with a variety of scaffolding basic elements, other components and also work sites. All the U-Head jacks and other scaffolding accessories that we offer are skillfully designed to effectively work in conjunction with several elements. The U-Head jacks have threading along the pipes for easy adjustments when working. Besides, the rugged design of our U-Head jacks also ensures they can be used in almost all work site conditions.

The U-Head jacks that we supply also have simple designs that can be operated without any difficulty. In fact, you do not need any tool to operate these jacks because, they come fully equipped with all the components for safe and quick operation. This makes it very easy when erecting scaffolding or adjusting it to suit your needs.

Where to Acquire the Best U-Head Jacks

Whether you need a U-Head jack for sale or rent, finding the perfect match for all your scaffolding needs and budget can sometimes be tricky and also time consuming. But, you do not have to worry about where to find the best U-Head jacks or other scaffolding products and services anymore. Singapore Scaffolding is a leading supplier of superior quality U-Head jacks for scaffolds.

We derive our pride from being able to deliver the ultimate scaffolding solutions. By obtaining a U-Head jack from our company, you are always guaranteed the following;

  • Wide range of U-Head Jack designs and models to select from
  • The lowest prices
  • Professional Customer Support
  • Fast delivery

Unlike in the past whereby you had to visit various construction supplies stores for just a U-Head jack, we have more reliable solutions for you. At Singapore Scaffolding, you can now freely shop, buy or hire U-Head jacks and other scaffolding components at your own convenience. As soon as you contact us for U-Head jacks, there is always an assurance it will be delivered within the shortest time.

Our company offers superior quality U-Head jacks at the lowest prices in the market, which can also be customized to just any budget. After receiving your request, we will be able to prepare an accurate quote for all the required scaffolding accessories with proper consideration to your financial demands for affordable solutions. We are the only company that truly understands your scaffolding needs and, is committed to delivering highly efficient and affordable scaffolding.

We can deliver U-Head jacks in single packages or bulk depending on the needs of every customer across Singapore. Our company does not rely on other suppliers or third parties, instead, have all the scaffolding products and personnel to ensure that all deliveries are made on time and in accordance with specific client instructions. We have a support team on the ground to offer professional advice to all customers so you can always get the best solutions.

At Singapore Scaffolding, you are guaranteed more than just high quality products and services. We can also offer engineers to assist you with setting up the U-Head jacks and other scaffolding components on the work site. We have many years’ experience and the expertise to deliver customized scaffolding erection services for all components.

In case you may have any questions or inquiries about our U-Head Jacks or any other scaffolding product or service, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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