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Scaffolding is an area that can be quite technical, and that is why it is always advisable that you first talk to a scaffolding expert before buying, renting or erecting the structure on your work site. In fact, there are lots of questions that many people are usually bothered with when it comes to scaffolding products and services Singapore. The following are some of the key scaffolding FAQ;

Which Scaffold System is the best?

There are different scaffold systems in the market to choose from including, tower scaffolds, frame scaffolds, working platforms, tubular scaffolds, suspended scaffolds, mobile scaffolds, modular scaffolds and supported scaffolds. Each of these scaffold systems is designed for use in particular work sites. Therefore, the best scaffold system will depend on the kind of project that you intend to work on, the structure, expected workload, budget and condition of the work site among other factors. However, we can also help you find the perfect scaffold system tailored to your job and budget.

How much does it cost to acquire a scaffold?

There is no fixed price for scaffolding. Instead, the cost of obtaining scaffolds usually vary depending on the type of scaffold system, your acquisition plan, scaffolding materials, duration of the project, loading capacity of the structure and size of the project. With regards to acquisition plan, you can either choose scaffolding for sale or rent . On the other hand, the cost of scaffolds also vary from new to used ones. Generally, the cost of scaffold will depend on the choices that you make. However, at Singapore Scaffolding, we offer highly efficient scaffolding products and services at the lowest rates in the market to suit every budget. In fact, we can easily help you get the right scaffold system for your project and budget.

How can I know that the scaffold am buying or renting is of the best quality?

Quality is an important aspect whenever you are buying or renting a scaffolds. Just like it is done when shopping for other kinds of products, you must always be keen on the conditions of the scaffolding materials and components used in their design and construction. Quality can also be determined by the ability of the components to serve the intended purpose. However, we understand that you may not have the time to do all these. Our company offers superior quality scaffolding basic elements and accessories for sale and rental, which you can rely on for the safety of your workers as well as improving work efficiency.

The scaffolds that we offer all come with tags showing the type of system, components, date of manufacture, brand, loading capacity and other important information to ascertain that they are genuine and deigned to the highest standards.

What are the requirements for erecting a scaffold on my work site?

It is always recommended that all scaffolds should be designed, erected, modified and dismantled by people who are trained for the job. Besides, all the processes of setting up or dismantling scaffolds should be done under the supervision of a scaffolding expert or civil engineer. Although there are some types of scaffolds that are simple to assemble and disassemble, working on the structures on your own requires a better understanding of all the processes.

Our company has a team of highly skilled and experienced scaffolding experts to offer professional scaffolding erection services. For larger construction projects, you will need to acquire a license from the authorities before putting up the structure. However, there is no reason to worry because, we can also help you obtain a license from the relevant authorities for convenience.

Do I have to use a tag system on scaffolding?

Tag system is not a legal requirement for erecting and using scaffolds. However, the law requires that all scaffolds exceeding 2 meters high must be inspected by a certified engineer or expert before use to make sure that they are safe for the intended purposes. Besides, the structure should also be regularly inspected for assessment of any potential risk.

The frequency of scaffold inspection usually depends on the findings of the risk assessment. Besides, inspection may also be done after bad weather or making adjustments to structure. By placing a visible tag system on the structure, its users will be able to easily know that it has been inspected and proven safe. However, it should be placed along with a supplementary inspection report.

How can I ensure the safety of workers while using a scaffold?

There are various issues that can threaten the safety of workers on scaffolds like, poor erection of the structure, use of low quality scaffolding components, failure to use protective gear, improper use of scaffolds and failure to inspect the structure. Meeting all these requirements can help workers avoid accidents while on the structure but, it should be noted that scaffolding safety always starts with you. You have to choose the right scaffold system and a professional to do the erection and inspection. Besides, workers should also be enlightened on how to use scaffolding and the importance of operating within the required safety procedures.

Which is the best between, New and Used Scaffolds?

At Singapore Scaffolding, we offer a wide selection of both new and used scaffolds. All our products are tested and proven fit for various construction works including, repairs and maintenance. Generally, new scaffolds are the best but, used scaffolds are recommended for lighter projects lasting just a short time and as well as those with limited budgets since they are relatively cheaper. Our used scaffolds are maintained in the best condition to deliver the best value for money.

Is renting a scaffold cheaper than buying?

Depending on your scaffolding needs and budget, you can either choose to get scaffolding for sale or rental. Buying scaffolds may seem expensive but could be more cost-effective in the long run. Whenever you purchase a scaffold, it becomes your property that you can use at any time of need without having to pay any fee. However, obtaining scaffolding for rent means that you will have to pay rental fees each time that you intend to use it. For short term projects, it is the most cost-effective since rental fees are relatively lower than the cost of buying scaffolding.

Whether you are looking for a scaffold to buy or rent, Singapore Scaffolding has the most efficient and affordable solutions.

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