Scaffolding Erection

In every building construction, repair or maintenance project that requires the use of scaffolds, it is always very important to pay attention to the way in which the structures are erected. Remember, the slightest mistake in scaffolding erection could impact huge losses including even the loss of lives in worse cases. At Singapore Scaffolding, it is in our best interests to provide an effective cushioning against such risks. We offer the best scaffolding erection services for all kinds of projects that require such structures.

To us, scaffolding safety always comes first and that is why we focus on delivering professional and customized services tailored to the specific needs and budget of every client. Our commitment is to erect stable and safe structures that can effectively enhance work efficiency while also cutting down operational costs for various kinds of construction projects. We specialize in customized scaffolding erection services for both domestic, commercial and industrial projects.



How We Conduct Scaffolding Erection

Although scaffolding erection has some technicalities that require skilled manpower, workers, contractors and builders should note that there are a few basic procedures that should be followed for success. The following are the main guidelines for scaffolding erection, and how we always conduct our services;

Work-site inspection

Generally, not all work sites look the same in terms of size, design of the structures to be worked on and even the ground. Therefore, we always begin by conducting a thorough inspection of the site in order to determine the best scaffolding basic elements, materials and accessories to be used, and how the erection should be done. Depending on the condition of your site, we will discuss with you about the right scaffolding erection procedures.

In case there are any preparations required on the site before erecting the scaffolds, we will make sure that all is set according to your schedule. We believe that safety always starts with preparing the site and setting it ready for the intended tasks.

Scaffolding inspection

Before any erection activity begins, it is important that all the scaffolding components and parts are thoroughly checked. This is recommended to help in ascertaining the conditions of the scaffolds with regards to their straightness, corrosion and any other defect. Our company has experienced engineers to conduct proper scaffold inspection to make sure that they are in the best condition for the job and work site.

During the inspection, we will remove all the damaged parts of the scaffold to eliminate chances of accidents when working. Besides, we also discourage using cracked or faulty metal bars or components since they might develop weaknesses, thereby endangering workers. However, there are also some cases whereby our engineers will fix small hitches on location to save time and money, while also ensuring scaffold safety.

Erecting the Scaffolds

After making sure that the ground is set and all the scaffolding components are in place, we will begin putting up the scaffolds. This is the most important stage in the entire scaffolding erection project and, requires proper supervision. We have trained and experienced engineers to carefully assemble all the scaffolds based on the kind of works to be conducted on them.

Even during the erection of the scaffolds, we also have qualified supervisors to check the activities of our engineers in every stage of the work. In this way, you can always be sure that all the components and parts of the scaffolds will be fixed right. In case we notice any damaged scaffold in the process of building up the structure, it has to be replaced or repaired before continuing.

Our inspection officers will check all the parts including, the foundation of the scaffolds, base plates, jack bases and panels to ascertain that everything is in good shape. We also use a plumb bob to ensure that the scaffolds are properly aligned. Despite the height of the scaffolds, our engineers will see to it that your structure is safe and strong enough to support the kind of work that you intend to conduct on them.

Daily Scaffolding Inspections

Depending on the intensity of the work, environment among other conditions, scaffolds may degenerate without showing any sign. And, this can expose your workers to many risks. That is why our company can also schedule regular inspections on the scaffolds after erection to shield their users from risks. We will always make sure that the structures are carefully inspected every day before the work begins.

During the inspection procedures, our engineers will check and adjust all the supports linked to the scaffold. In case of any damage to the parts or components of the structure, we can recommend repairs or replacements. All cross braces,  clamps/ couplers, nuts and bolts are also carefully checked and tightened or replaced. Our safety inspectors will also look into the alignment of the scaffold frames, catwalks, boards/ planks and other components to ensure that they are on the right level.

Why Choose Singapore Scaffolding for Scaffold Erection Services

It is true there are various companies offering scaffolding erection services in Singapore but, Singapore Scaffolding comes with a unique package that guarantees the best results for every builder or contractor. We have great experience in scaffolding services and are in the best position to deliver tailor-made scaffolding solutions for small and large-sized construction projects.

By choosing our company for scaffolding erection services, you are guaranteed the following benefits;

  • Professional scaffolding erection services offered by trained and qualified engineers
  • The best scaffolding erection for residential, commercial and industrial projects
  • Highly reliable and dependable services
  • Affordable services for every budget

At Singapore Scaffolding, we are committed to the best quality scaffolding products and services tailored to the specific needs of every customer. We understand that sometimes, the structure may still experience hitches even after careful inspection, and have a support team that is available round-the-clock to offer the required assistance in just a short notice. Our goal is to make sure that your project goes on as planned without stalling simply because of problems resulting from poor scaffolding erection.

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