Choosing Used Scaffolding

Although obtaining new scaffolding is always the best option when planning projects that require the use of scaffolds, there are occasions when your budget may not be able to cater for the cost of new scaffolding. But, that does not mean that you should forget about obtaining scaffolds. An ideal alternative is used scaffolding for sale or hire.

Apart from just operating on a limited budget, there are also some projects that do not necessarily need the acquisition of new scaffolds. For example, short term repairs or maintenance activities that last a few days could prove expensive if you have to buy or rent a new scaffold. By obtaining used scaffolding, you will be able to cut costs while also ensuring work efficiency for your project.

Used scaffolds are also recommended for low rise buildings or structures mainly because, they have less risks than when working on sky scrapers.



Guidelines for Choosing Used Scaffolds

Some people usually tend to think that used scaffolding are old but, that is not true. The scaffolding have only been used for a short time and maintained in the best condition to deliver almost similar results to new ones. Since each scaffolding product is always inspected before erection and use, you can always be sure of efficient operations with used scaffolding.

There are various kinds of used scaffolding products that you can buy or rent for your project. However, you should always know how to choose the best type of scaffolds tailored to your needs. The following are a few guidelines to help you in choosing used scaffolds;

Know the best type of scaffold for the job

When looking for used scaffolds, it is advisable to first know the particular type of scaffold suited to the job. In fact, there is a wide range of scaffolding options to choose from including, tubular scaffolds, modular scaffold, suspended scaffold, frame scaffold, mobile scaffold among others. The best type of used scaffold to choose will depend on the structure that you are planning to work on, expected loading capacity and how much you are willing to spend.

Check the condition of scaffolding elements and accessories

Used scaffolding for sale or rental are generally still in good working condition. However, you must have the scaffold expertise when selecting various scaffolding basic elements and accessories just to be sure that they can perform the required tasks. Avoid scaffolding components that are rusty and corroded since those could turn out to be disastrous.

Scaffolding frame alignment is one of the ways of determining the condition of used scaffolding components. The best frames that can offer better support to your structure should be straight. You can even go ahead to perform load bearing tests on the frames to ensure that they are not weak or faulty.

Other scaffolding components should also be carefully checked for bends, cracks and other forms of defects. In the case of screws, bolts and nuts, it would be advisable you get new ones for use in scaffolding erection. Used scaffolding components that are made from steel or aluminum are a great choice due to their sturdy construction and durability.

Find out about the various laws governing the use of Scaffolding

Generally, it is required that all workers or builders obtain a license from relevant authorities before erecting scaffolds. The main reason for this is to ensure that the structure is set up correctly for safety of workers and others in the environment. However, there are other regulations too that must be met before using scaffolds, which you should also know when obtaining used scaffolding. These regulations usually vary from locality or city to another. By knowing about these laws, you will be able to easily determine the particular scaffolding products to acquire.

Talk to a scaffolding professional

This is the last step that you should always take before making the decision to acquire a used scaffold. Even the most careful people usually make mistakes sometimes, so do not just rush into buying or renting used scaffolds without getting professional advice. There is so much more about used scaffolds that you may not be able to easily find out by yourself and, an expert can help you gain a better understanding for informed decision making.

In case you have a civil engineer in charge of the project, he or she should be one of the key professionals to consult. In the process of doing this, try to find out as much as you can about the merits and demerits of used scaffolds for your project. Even if the task is a DIY project, it is still recommended to seek professional guidance in order to find the best used scaffold.

Acquire used Scaffolds from a licensed company

Sometimes, you might find it easier and cheaper to acquire used scaffolds from another construction company. However, that is where most people make mistakes because, such sources are usually very unreliable in terms of quality. The best way to acquire used scaffolds for sale or rent is through a licensed company.

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